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Jake Young "Ikons" for PDFs. I haven't played with the GIFIKN convertor for a long time, so these are ordinary GIFs.  Michal Polak mentioned palette order for the convertor and the result would hardly be acceptable if limited to the 16 colors of the other ikons, so true ikons will not be offered.
Update:  Glenn McCorkle has made the IKN conversion and added it to the ara-pdf.apm (2.78MB).
2005-07-08 74KB Jake Young An alternative font set based on the Verdana and Times New Roman True Type Fonts, to allow spacing of text to more closely match that of mainstream browsers. Non-conformant HTML entities for "smart quotes", bullet, dashes and tilde have been corrected for users of West European languages. Extract to a temporary directory and view the readme.txt for rationale and installation instructions. View a screen-capture (43KB). This font set has not been altered since 2002.
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